Glenn: Thoughts With Craig

Glenn Roeder says his thoughts are with Craig Forrest and his family at the moment.
Craig underwent an operation to remove a tumour on his testicle this week, and Glenn says:
"It was a shock to everybody, not just myself but the staff and the players, to hear that Craig needed this operation for suspected testicular cancer.
"When I sat the players down to explain to them that Craig was going in for this operation most of them didn't know, and all their thoughts are with him.
"He is such a popular figure at the football club, and indeed in the whole football circuit.
"I have never heard anyone say other than good things about Craig Forrest; he is obviously an excellent goalkeeper as well.
"He is a top class person, easy to get on with, and it has always been said what a good trainer he is - that certainly shows in the shooting practices we have a few times a week."
Glenn is hopeful of a swift and positive resolution to Craig's problem and adds:
"We have got a terrific doctor here and he has certainly educated me about the problem this week - we have been all the way through it from A to Z and back again.
"He is extremely hopeful that when they analyse the suspected cancer situation that Craig has, it will be the sort of cancer for which there is a very high rate of cure."
Craig is awaiting test results which will tell him whether or not he needs chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or a combination of both.
"Hopefully the operation has done the job on its own and he won't need any treatment thereafter," adds Glenn.
"But Ges is as hopeful as he can be that it is the sort for which there is 100% cure.
"Worrying about Craig playing is secondary and irrelevant, I am only worrying about him making a full and speedy recovery.
"The football is a long way off; as and when he can play again it will be terrific but that is in the back of our minds."