Gale: Go Get 'em

Tony Gale will be supporting the Hammers all the way at the weekend - against the side for whom he won a Premiership medal.
Recalling his move to Blackburn on a free transfer from West Ham, and his subsequent league triumph for the Lancashire team, he says:
"I don't even know where the medal is; you never get it out to look at it in case you lose it.
"It is in the memory bank and the surprising thing is there is not one player from the Premiership winning squad that is now at Blackburn.
"I have got to be honest, I was struggling for a club when I went there; I had a few offers from abroad and in the lower leagues but I didn't really want to jump in, and I was proven right.
"Blackburn came in at the last moment a couple of weeks before the season began, and I was straight into a friendly against Celtic at Hampden and the Charity Shield against Manchester United.
"My last game for them was against West Ham which Blackburn won 4-2, and I got a nice reception from the West Ham travelling fans, who are amongst the best in the Premiership."
But he admits to being upset that the Hammers let him go, and adds:
"It was the end of my world; it is the kind of club you can never see yourself leaving until they tell you that they don't want you any more.
"It did hurt, and it did spur me on to play well when I was at Blackburn.
"It wasn't a case of 'up yours' to West Ham when I won the medal, it was a case of feeling really pleased for my parents and everyone around me.
"They probably felt it a little bit more, my wife and the kids and everyone; although I was hurt, they were probably hurt more.
"So I was more pleased for the people around me than myself, to be honest."
Looking at Sunday's game, he says:
"I think Glenn may try a new system; I don't know but I just think when you get beaten 5-0 away from home he might think 'they have been getting at our back four too much and we have to give them a bit of a shield to prevent the holes.'
"I think away from home at 0-0 after half an hour you become favourites because the home team become a bit desperate.
"We have to be hard to beat, which we were before the Everton game, but all of a sudden it went belly up big style.
"And the disappointment would be that a few heads went down in that defeat, and it wasn't, with all due respect, against the best side in the world.
"But they will have been working hard this week and Glenn's strength is on the training ground.
"There have been a couple of weeks to sort things out and I'm sure they have.
"I think Blackburn will have an up and down season and we don't want to be losing games to teams that are going to be in the bottom half of the table.
"We talk of leagues within leagues and these games become six pointers.
"We can look to pick up a point or even three against Blackburn, who are a decent side that will have their highs and will have their lows - but they are not one of the better teams in the Premiership.
"If we come away with a defeat from this it puts the pressure on our home form, which has been good, but it is a problem when all the focus is on it."