Canada Backs Craig

Morgan Quarry, the Canadian team manager, has added his support to Craig Forrest as he awaits further results following his midweek operation to remove a tumour.
He says:
"I got a phone call from Doctor Steinbergs this week in response to a fax we had sent as we were hoping to have Craig come and join us for the game against Malta.
"Obviously all of that went out the window and our concerns are now focused on Craig and his health.
"We want to extend our full support to Craig and his wife Sophie as they go through this.
"Our head coach, secretary general, and chief operating officer have all called, all of the thoughts of the Canadian team are with him, and we hope he makes a speedy recovery.
"He is extremely popular in Canada and he is probably one of the most recognisable players on the international team; his exploits and accomplishments for the Canadian team speak for themselves.
"But on top of that he is extremely well respected over here, not only for what he does on the pitch but off it as well.
"We are all quite upset, and hope everything will be fine with Craig.
"He is a very strong character and we are very hopeful everything will go well."