Goddard: Sinclair Sound

Paul Goddard insists it is 'business as usual' with Trevor Sinclair as the squad prepares for the game at Blackburn on Sunday.
And he says communication from the backroom staff to the player will continue.
"There are no problems at all," says Paul, "he is motivated, has trained well, and he has tried in the games this season.
"We will be talking to Trevor, and the lads do as well, and we will just have to see where the path takes us.
"We need him at the weekend, and Trevor is still fully behind the club; even though he has made his decision public he won't be doing anything different.
"You don't want any of your players handing in a transfer request and when it is one of your best you are disappointed.
"He has liked everything that has happened this season but has underlying feelings from last season, and in his words it has been brewing since the sale of Rio.
"This isn't something he has just suddenly decided, though I find it a little bit surprising because he has just got in the England squad."
If Trevor's on field concerns regarding West Ham are respected, Paul nonetheless reckons those fears will soon be allayed, and explains:
"We've brought in very good players this season, and although the results haven't been that fantastic we feel we have got the potential to go on and do more.
"It has been stop/start, and we feel the season hasn't got going yet - we've only played two home games, after all."
It is clear that the players don't want Trevor to depart either, and Paul adds:
"Jermain has voiced his disappointment which is natural; we don't want good players leaving the club.
"But if we do sell him it is very important that we do it at our price and put faith in Glenn to spend the money and bring in players of equal ability if not better."
That, of course, will be the crux of the matter - if Trevor does leave.
Paul adds:
"Glenn is adamant that every time he brings in a player from now on we want them to be players that are going to play in the first team and make us better, because it was pretty evident that that hasn't happened in the recent past.
"It is no secret that since the sale of Rio some of the buys have been a little bit disappointing; it doesn't need me to say that because it is pretty obvious.
"You can only go by people's record and Glenn has brought in three top internationals, a free, and Sebastien Schemmel for £500,000.
"If Trevor leaving does happen we will get our own players in and go from there - we have a plan A, B, C, D,and E!
"But, seriously, all I can say is that Glenn and the staff are working hard to identify the players we might need if the situation arises."
One option for Glenn is to scrutinise Croatian star Robert Jarni, and Paul adds:
"Jarni is an option that Glenn is looking at; you try to keep these things quiet because you don't want it made into something that it is not.
"We will just have to see what happens with that one; it is very, very complicated when you start getting involved with these players.
"We have got to make sure they are fully committed to West Ham and that they will improve us - we are looking at attitude and ability.
"In an ideal situation you would go out and buy young English players that you could work with and develop.
"Unfortunately the English market is stone cold dead because of the prices people want; we have identified English players but you just can't buy them."
That is the reason that Trevor would cost a colossal fee if he was to be given permission to move, and Paul adds:
"He is a good age, English, and wants to play in a wide position; where do you find someone like that again?"
It is the insistence that Trevor's attitude is still excellent that should lead to Trevor retaining his place in the side on Sunday, and Paul stresses:
"We don't want anybody who is not fully committed to West Ham, and if Trevor has decided he is not fully committed to West Ham's future he will still give his best until something is solved."
He hopes the supporters at Ewood Park will recognise this and adds:
"You don't want them to be barracking anybody, but nowadays, deep down, it is not managers who are powerful but the players.
"They have all the cards, and all the rules are set up for the good players what with the Bosman ruling and everything else.
"Who knows what is round the corner in football and where the Sinclair situation might lead; it might go somewhere very quickly or it might not lead anywhere."