Foxe's Plea

Hayden Foxe says he hopes Trevor Sinclair will change his mind about wanting to leave West Ham.
"He has been tremendous on and off the pitch; he is a great footballer and a really nice guy," says Hayden.
He admits he was shocked to hear the news of his transfer request on Monday, and adds:
"It did surprise me because Trev didn't really speak about it."
Hayden insists he is not alone in his views about wanting Trevor to stay, adding:
"He would be missed by the fans, the coaching staff, the players, and all his mates here.
"He is very respected as a player and has tremendous ability; we all hope that he stays and something can be resolved because it would be a big, big loss if he went.
"We would definitely like him to change his mind; he is a really likeable character on and off the pitch.
"I don't think it is about him thinking this place is bad, but I haven't spoken to him about it.
"I would love him to stay - everyone likes Trev, and now we will have to sit tight and see what the decision the club comes up with and what they can resolve."
But Hayden concurs with the general view now that the players have all the power, and adds:
"If a player doesn't want to stay you can't force him to stay, so it's a difficult one."
But Hayden insists that Trevor will continue to have a professional attitude to his work, despite the obvious uncertainties ahead.
"I am sure even if he does leave he will be putting in 110% until then, as he always does.
"He has been here two or three years and had a good relationship with the fans and done really well for West Ham.
"It would be sad if he does leave, but if he does go off to broaden his playing ability or whatever he decides to do I would wish him all the best."
Hayden does feel, however, that there are convincing arguments for staying, and says:
"We have a very, very good squad here, though we said that all last season as well.
"The potential is there and we have some great young players and some great experienced players.
"The blend usually works really well, and to be fair in the whole season there has only been one bad game, Everton, and one of the halves against Middlesbrough."
If Glenn does sell him, however, Hayden is sure he will use the money wisely.
He uses the example of his use of the Frank Lampard money as proof, and says:
"Glenn is not a panic buyer; a lot of people were asking for results and players earlier and asking what he was doing with the money," he says.
"Glenn just sat tight to wait for the right people and that is exactly what he did.
"He brought in Hutch, David James, Tomas Repka, Seb, and Laurent - real good quality signings.
"He knows the field because last year he watched a lot of games; he knows a lot about his football, what players can do, what they can't do, and where they are best suited.
"If Trevor does go I'm sure he will bring in the right person to replace him - but I'm hoping Trevor won't go."
Preparations are advanced for the Blackburn game, with Hayden insisting that the memories of the trip to Goodison Park are distant.
"When results like that happen you have to try and put them behind you straight away," he says.
"We have put it behind us now and we are going to try and pick up three points at Blackburn."
He took no satisfaction from watching the side lose heavily even though he wasn't in the side, and he says:
"You always want to play, like any footballer, but you never wish your team to lose.
"It wasn't just the defence anyway, it was just unfortunate that we didn't play well in midfield or attack either.
"It was one of those games where the core players weren't on their game but hopefully it just happens once this season and won't happen again."
Hayden competes with Christian Dailly and Rigobert Song for a place alongside Tomas Repka at the back, and he says:
"I signed a long contract, and you have to be patient - but not too patient.
"It is important that all 30 players are behind each other and supporting everyone.
"I saw Tomas against Newcastle and he was very very impressive; he is rock solid at the back."
International thoughts are the last thing on his mind at the moment, and he adds:
"I don't even know if I am going away yet; the squad hasn't been announced and won't be until the end of October."