Fund Wins Award

Sir Paul Nurse, Director General of Imperial Cancer Research Fund, and Dr Tim Hunt, Head of the Cell Cycle Control Laboratory have won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine - and Stephanie Moore, widow of Bobby, who is heavily involved with their work through the Bobby Moore Fund, says it is fully deserved.
"They are leading scientists who are respected throughout the world, and I am delighted by the news."
Despite the recognition, however, raising funds is still tough; the co-sponsor of the Bobby Moore golf day, British Airways, had to pull out because of problems in the aviation industry following the events in America last month.
"It is difficult times and compared with what happened on September 11th our charity struggling is not very significant," she says.
"But we do intend to go on and save lives and raise a lot of money for research."
Stephanie is looking for a new sponsor for the tournament, and says:
"The Bobby Moore annual celebrity golf day on 25th April is our flagship event, and it is held on the championship course at Wentworth."
For details of this newly available sponsorship opportunity please contact Clare Hallsworth at the Bobby Moore Fund on 020 7269 3412 or e-mail [email protected]  Sponsorship benefits include 3 teams plus celebrities on the day, plus 10 extra guests for dinner, signage and branding opportunities and association with the Bobby Moore Fund and the Golf Day in all media coverage generated by the event.
"It is such a successful day and is always sold out whether it is good or bad weather.
"People always say they want to come back next year, and what I think is lovely about the Bobby Moore fund is that all the proceeds go to the charity.
"You can actually see something at the end of the day about where the money has been spent.
"The fellowships are in place within a year, and we have just got the seventh one up and running.
"It is nice to see where the money has been used rather than it just going to a bottomless coffer with no one sure what is happening to it.
"I make sure we are always very accountable; we owe it to the general public whether they are donating a pound or £20,000 to tell them exactly how it is spent."
Without sponsorship of such events, research work would be severely hampered, and Stephanie says:
"There have been tremendous steps forward in the last seven or eight years, and we want that progress to continue."
The Nobel award is a double coup for the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, and recognition of their discoveries surrounding the control of cell division.
Their work has greatly enhanced understanding of cancer cells and how they grow.
Paul and Tim share the award with Dr Lee Hartwell, Director of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.
"Both Tim and I are delighted to win the Nobel Prize, but it's important to realise that this achievement was made possible by the efforts of the many researchers we have worked with over the years", says Sir Paul.
The Imperial Cancer Research Fund has supported and funded both Tim and Paul's work for over 10 years.