Brooking On Sincs

Trevor Brooking says he thinks Trevor Sinclair will still give of his best for West Ham while his future is decided.
"I don't think he is the sort of lad to stroll around," he says, "and don't forget the friendly with Sweden is just three or four weeks away.
"If he is set on what he wants to do he will still need to play at club level."
Trevor does admit initial disappointment about the player wanting to leave, however, and adds:
"It's a shame from the point of view of saying he needs a fresh challenge - unless it is a Champions' League challenge."
The player has inferred that he wants to further his international ambitions by moving elsewhere, and Trevor adds:
"All three clubs in the north east have been mentioned today - but you don't see that they would offer an opportunity that much different from what Trevor could get from an improved West Ham team.
"We all accepted that the club needs strengthening and with the signings of Repka, Hutchison, and James, the club has tried to move in the right direction.
"I would like to feel that would give a chance to Trevor or anyone, because other than the top five I don't see any advantage.
"What Trevor has achieved he has achieved while at West Ham so I don't see why that couldn't have continued."
If Trevor is sold, with £10m the figure mooted as being realistic for a player arguably hitting his peak years, Trevor sees wise reinvestment of the money being the key.
"You have to maximise the return but you don't want to get rid of a quality player and then bring four players in.
"You just wouldn't get the quality; the thing is to improve the depth AND the quality.
"But it has got to be to the club's timing, benefit and advantage."
Whether Trevor Sinclair does succeed in breaking through into the international side remains to be seen, and Trevor Brooking, speaking to HammersLine, concludes:
"The left hand side is still up for grabs and perhaps he is looking to get into that area, but is it his best position, or is it the right where he might not get the opportunity?
"That said, David Beckham did play in the middle for the last half an hour against Greece.
"We'll have to wait and see."