Test Your Knowledge

The ITV Sport channel are looking for Hammers fans to appear in a new football quiz show, where you can win a luxury holiday to the dream destination of your choice.

Producers of Do I Not Know That are looking for a team to represent West Ham United in the quiz, which is due to be filmed this coming Sunday (7th October). The team should consist of five members, three of which play at any one time.

The quiz takes the form of four rounds. The first is a round on West Ham, the second is a video round, the third a specialist round where one member of your team chooses a football topic to be asked questions on and the final round is a buzzer round where the three teams in the quiz go head to head.

The show is recorded in Manchester and all travel and accomodation expenses are paid for by ITV Sport. The winners of the quiz will win a holiday for themselves and their partners to a dream destination of their choice.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in taking part, then please contact Patrick McGarvey at ITV Sport on 0161 835 6136 or by email at [email protected]