Gale On Lamps

Tony Gale says Frank Lampard and his colleagues who were fined for a drinking spree in the aftermath of the atrocities in America were "stupid."
With even Harry Redknapp admitting his nephew had paid the price, the suggestion is that he was dropped from the England squad as a direct result of his indiscretions.
While Sven-Goran Eriksson would not confirm it in so many words, the inference is there when he speaks of the England players' responsibility to those that look up to them and whose country they represent.
And Tony agrees:
"The lads were stupid in what they have done, but they have apologised.
"They are young men after all, and young men always make mistakes; but in these times of high profile you have to be very, very careful."
In his day, he says, socialising for players was not such a problem - because it was more frequent.
"You could go and have a drink more often; in this case they are not drinking as a regular thing so they get a little break in play during that week and think they have got to go bananas."
Meanwhile, Tony is full of praise for two players who weren't involved for the Hammers on Saturday - Tomas Repka and John Moncur.
"I think the fans are going to warm to Repka," says Tony.
"He has to play; he is a very, very good player - not spectacular in the way he goes about things, but he is a good marker and does things very easy."
And he adds:
"John is what West Ham is all about, though I think he broke his own record for getting booked against Newcastle.
"I saw Hutch go up to him and roar with laughter, but for John I'm sure it is a mixture of laughter and tears.
"Part of you says 'oh here we go' and 'come on John, you are better than that' but he gets on with his job with no moans."