Goddard: More Tough Talking Ahead

Paul Goddard admits that there was some tough talking in the dressing room after the Everton game - and the discussions will continue this week as the players work on putting right the wrongs of the 5-0 defeat.
"There were obviously a lot of things said in the changing room and a few people have held their hands up," he reveals, "and we will keep that in house; but there will be more to say.
"That is what the changing room is for, to sort things out."
While understandably not revealing exactly what was said in the aftermath of the drubbing, he admits that the discussions were passionate as well as tactical.
"Anybody who knows football there is a little bit of both: we are all men and things have to be said," he explains.
"We will say some more, and the players as well; it is something we have got to sort out."
Glenn Roeder's policy is to let the players have their input on any problems, and Paul adds:
"It is, of course, a two way thing - we are all in it together, sink or swim, and there is no point anyone thinking they are on their own.
"It would be naive to think there hasn't been a discussion because we are bitterly disappointed."
Looking at the defeat in more detail, he adds:
"It was dreadful defending with dreadful goals given away at vital times, and you are never going to come back from it, are you?
"It is very very disappointing - and everyone has to look at themselves and think what sort of different attitude do they have from the home games to the away games."
But he is not putting it down entirely to psychology - and pinpoints more basic shortcomings as well.
"It wasn't totally the attitude," he stresses, "there were terrible defensive errors, and goals scored at vital times, which is very disappointing.
"We conceded in the last few seconds of the first half and right at the start of the second half - which are killing times.
"Obviously we missed Tomas even though he has only been at the club for two games, but we were disappointing going forward as well.
"We never looked comfortable defending but Paolo and Fredi missed very good chances, probably the best chances of the first half.
"The manner of the goals were dreadful; some of them were schoolboy goals and you can't give bad goals away in the Premiership."
He admits that he didn't expect the sort of performance he saw at Goodison and adds:
"It has been topsy turvy in the last few weeks; the training was very good in the lead up to the game, and we fully expected it to be a good performance.
"We ended up getting a spanking; we don't want to lose badly, and to concede the sort of goals we did was very embarrassing.
"It hurts a lot; you can say 'well done' and hold your hands up but we think we have contributed to our own undoing in a big way - and it is something we have got to stop doing."
Although some players are away now there is still a core squad that remain in England to be put through their paces.
"People are away on international duty," he says "and you would like another game today to put things right.
"We need to do a lot of talking - and a lot of hard work."