Song On Departure

Rigobert Song says he left West Ham to save his World Cup dream.

Rigo, whose international career in the world's most famous tournament started at the tender age of 16 back in 1994, says he has no complaints about his loan move to German club Cologne until the end of the season.

He made his debut in a 2-1 win at St. Pauli at the weekend and says: "I am happy to be in Cologne, happy to do my job, and happy we won on my debut; it is just like English football and I think I can do very well here.

"I am a professional and I am captain of Cameroon - if I don't play first team football I will not get in the national team.

"It is difficult when you leave friends behind, such as Titi Camara, but sometimes life is like that.

"Everyone wants to do their job and for me it is very important to play and get respect."

He admits he does not know what the future holds after this summer with West Ham agreeing, in principle, a permanent deal with the German side should they wish to sign him.

"We will see what happens after the World Cup," he says, "but the first thing is to finish the Bundesliga well.

"It is difficult to decide at the moment; next summer I will still have two years left on my West Ham contract so maybe I will return or maybe I will stay in Cologne.

"I'm very happy to be on the pitch, and I want some stability now because I am just 25 and it is no good for my family to be changing every six months."