Steve So Pleased

Steve Lomas says he is delighted at the way Paul Kitson announced his return from football's wilderness on Monday against Charlton.

"Paul came to the club a month or so before me and, if you look at the broader picture, he and John Hartson kept us in the Premiership," says Steve, modestly ignoring his own contribution.

"We might have been languishing in the first division now if it wasn't for them.

"Things have not panned out the way Paul wanted them to but there is not a better finisher at the club than Paul - and Jermain.

"Even to have two strikers on the bench to nick a goal is something the club has never had and it must be fantastic for Glenn.

"Paul has got himself fit; he was ready last season but didn't get a game and I am delighted for him as he has had a long two years where he didn't really play."

As for him and Joe Cole returning to action, he says: "I think me and Joe had a few touches but we didn't really set up any goals or anything, though we were happy to come on.

"The manager brought Jermain on and he got the goal, which was good.

"I love playing football and that is all I have ever wanted to do. I have never taken the game for granted, but sometimes it can change all of a sudden when you get an injury like I have had, and it makes you realise how lucky you are.

"Now David James, Joe and hopefully I will be pushing for a place, although it is difficult to come back after a long lay-off.

"But the more players Glenn has got the better for the club it is and if everyone knows they are in for a fight to play no complacency will set in."