Alvin Confident

Former Upton Park legend Alvin Martin is backing West Ham to get back on track against Charlton Athletic.

"It was a massive bonus for Glenn and the players to get the three wins in a week recently - even though Fulham was a setback," he says.

"But it is about overcoming setbacks; a month ago everybody was having a pop but that is part of football now, whether you are struggling or in a situation like Manchester United near the top - people in and around football are going to have a go at you.

"They are looking at overturning the Fulham result, and I think they have got more than enough against Charlton to get three points.

"It is about the players building something and starting to believe in what they are doing; when they got the three wins in a week you could see they were starting to play with more confidence, but that Fulham game was always going to be a difficult one.

"I have seen a lot of Jean Tigana's team this year, they relish playing away from home and are a good passing side and they have got pace and movement.

"If we'd have got a point it would have kept things rolling but the divide between our season taking off and stumbling a little bit is so, so thin.

"But we have to move on, and I think it is important that you learn from results like the Fulham one and you put it right.

"That break has probably given Glenn and Paul Goddard time to work on certain things that didn't happen in the Fulham game.

"If we get a win at Charlton everyone will say 'okay, it is one defeat in five' and then you can start getting people off your back.

"It's about answering your critics and shutting people up with your results."