Sinclair On Debut

Trevor Sinclair has strongly refuted claims that he dived to get a penalty on his England debut against Sweden on Saturday.

And he insists that, as far as his West Ham career is concerned, it is 'business as usual'.

Talking of the incident at the weekend which led to a spot kick being awarded, it is clear that he feels hurt by the suggestion, emanating from the Sweden camp, that he went down too easily.

He insists: "People have made a lot of it, saying was it or wasn't it, but at the end of the day I am going to shoot and if I don't get touched I feel that I am going to score.

"I wouldn't have gone down for nothing and as I have pulled my leg back the lad has caught my trailing leg, and it has just knocked me off balance.

"With it being on my weaker side as well I have gone flat on my bum but if he wasn't there I was going to get a shot in so it has to be a penalty.

"Some refs give it and some don't and if the ref doesn't give it I would have just got on with it, so I don't know why such a big deal was being made of it.

"It was only a friendly - it is not as if three World Cup qualifying points were on the table.

"He slightly clipped me and I have looked at the replay which shows he just caught my trailing leg, which knocked me off balance and meant I was unable to take the shot.

"For people to think that I cheated is a little bit disappointing; I feel I would have scored as I was on the edge of the six yard box.

"I know I am not as strong with my left foot as I am with my right but I am so close and it is pretty high odds that if I hit the target it is going to go in with some kind of power.

"To be fair, the lad has come out and had a pop at me in the papers and I don't really want to get involved in that; it is a friendly game and if he feels aggrieved and thinks I have cheated him then that is for him to deal with.

"I'm not going to get into a 'he did this and I did that' kind of thing.

"It is a friendly and it is done now; I was given the penalty so it obviously was a penalty - let's move on."

Trevor has not let the incident spoil his memory of the day, and adds: "It was one of my ambitions when I first started playing football to play for England but I can't settle at that; I am ambitious and I want more, and hopefully the cap is the first of many.

"I will probably forget the performance and the result as time goes on but I will always remember the day and the occasion itself.

"As far as the performance is concerned I thought I did okay, got a decent amount of the ball, and got some crosses in.

"It was a massive boost to play; I got the shout earlier in the week that I could start but I was still carrying an injury that I picked up against Fulham in the dying seconds of the game.

"It was from Rufus Brevett; I was expecting to get a whack of him as he is an old QPR team mate!

"It took a lot of time to settle down and I wasn't able to do any work until Friday so I did feel that my fitness had suffered a little bit and my ankle has swelled up.

"But all in all it was a really enjoyable day."

Despite his recent transfer request the feeling amongst West Ham fans appears to be one of pride that another Hammers player has made it through into the England ranks.

"If they are that is really good as well," he says.

As for his future at the club, he stresses: "I am getting tired of that story; we know what the situation is - unless something changes that is where we are at and I am going to get on with playing for West Ham."

He hopes to be fit for the Charlton game on Monday and adds: "I went for a scan and I am hoping that it is going to be okay."