Richard Learning

Richard Garcia says he has thoroughly enjoyed the experience of playing with Steve Lomas in the reserves this season.

As Steve continues his comeback with a sequence of reserve games - the next of which is against Fulham on Wednesday - Richard knows that the club's skipper will soon be leaving the second string behind as he completes his rehabilitation.

"It has been a privilege playing with someone of his calibre," says Richard, "good on him, he has done well to get back from his injury and it has been a good experience to play with players like that.

"He is one of the senior players and is really good to the younger lads who try to follow his example. He is good with all the lads."

The young Australian says he is enjoying playing in a relatively settled reserve team this campaign, and adds: "Hopefully I can keep going and get the chance; I'm trying to learn off the manager and the players around me.

"I just want to get as many reserve games as I can; the players playing in the reserves are all enthusiastic about doing so and hopefully we will have a good season.

"We have got players coming down from the first team when they have been injured and, mixed with the good young players we have got, it is a good combination.

"There are a lot of good young players keen to impress so we have to play well, but it just depends on what the manager sees and how the boys keep playing.

"I'm back to full fitness; I had a few problems with my back but that is all right now.

"I am just trying to play the best I can - that's all I can do."