Newton: I'll Keep Trying

Adam Newton says he is enjoying playing for the reserves this season - but wants to push on from there.

Adam played his part in the second string's 3-1 win over Watford in midweek, and says: "We started off well this year and there is a new form of confidence.

"Everyone is playing well, gelling together, and working hard to push each other into the first team squad.

"Everyone feels they have got half a chance if they deserve it, so hopefully that will come.

"We have had a few decent results which has brought on a bit more confidence, knowing we can go on and win games.

"We are working hard on the defence now, shoring things up at the back, and letting the attacking players go and do what they have to do."

But Adam feels he can improve and adds: "On a personal note I have been a bit inconsistent; some games I do all right but there are some I feel I could do better in.

"Hopefully I can get that level of consistency and capture the gaffer's eyes; that's what my aim is anyway.

"My ambition is to play for West Ham - the club I supported as a kid; it would be my dream to play for the first team again."

He says he is happy to play either right midfield or right back, adding: "I feel pretty comfortable in either position - as long as I am playing I don't mind.

"I will keep trying my best and keep working hard; if I am good enough hopefully I will get a chance and we will see what happens from there."

He is circumspect about whether the possibility of Trevor Sinclair moving on might give him a chance to break into the side, and adds: "That is football; when someone leaves it is an opportunity to take his place, but that is up to Trevor, it is none of my business - I am just getting on with my own game."