Lomas On Comeback

Steve Lomas, who continues his comeback trail against Watford in the reserves this week, says that recent events in America have put his own problems in perspective.
He returned from having a fortnight's treatment in Canada just before the atrocities of September 11th, and says:
"It was an absolute tragedy to see those scenes captured on TV, it was like something out of a movie.
"At the end of the day everyone is upset about what went on.
"I know a lot countries in the world, not just America have been affected, including a lot of people from Britain; it was really horrendous.
"Sometimes we don't realise how lucky we are, and no matter how bad it is football is still a game.
"Although it dominates our lives so much the highs and lows, it is like a rollercoaster at times but to see those pictures put things in perspective."
Steve, the club captain, says of his vice-captain's recent decision to wear the stars and stripes to show solidarity with the American people:
"It was a nice gesture from Paolo."
The Northern Ireland captain, no stranger to being affected by terrorist acts closer to home, adds:
"Football has a big part to play in Northern Ireland in bringing people together."
Steve has played three reserve games after nearly a year out with a knee injury, and Glenn Roeder says:
"He needs, ideally, another two reserve matches; he has had a nasty knee injury and that is why we have to be patient."
Titi Camara hopes to play his first full 90 minutes since being out with a knee injury; he has previously just played half an hour in the reserves.
David James gets another game under his belt - but is not setting a target of playing in the first team.
He says:
"The important thing for me right now is getting fit and to being in a position to confidently go and say that I am ready to play for West Ham, but putting an exact date on that would be foolish.
"It is about putting in decent performances and worrying about selection for England after that."
Squad: James, Newton, Soma, Clark, Uddin, Potts, Garcia, Lomas, Todorov, Camara, McCann, Riza.
Subs: McMahon, Ferrante, Lumsden, Britton, Smith.