Gale: Europe Possible

Tony Gale hopes that Fredi Kanoute gets his wish at the end of this season and qualifies for Europe with the Hammers.
"It's not beyond West Ham to qualify for Europe," he says, "it could go down to eighth spot that and that is not beyond them.
"You look outside that big five and teams like Aston Villa, Fulham, and West Ham will be hoping to be in and around that group below, so you never know."
Bringing on board a European scout, as West Ham have done, might make that aim more realisable and Tony says:
"I think it is a progressive step and although I hold my hands up and say I don't know that much about Theo Vonk, I know he has managed on the continent and managers there do a lot of scouting so I think it is a good acquisition."
Tony believes there could be another Fredi Kanoute out there waiting to be snapped up, and says:
"You wouldn't have heard of Fredi Kanoute until he came to West Ham and what a signing he has been.
"It's that type of signing that the club will want Theo to go out and alert Glenn about and if that happens once a season you'd be very happy because he was a super signing.
"Everyone is looking out and the prices are going up for players in the lower leagues; people are looking for more bargains.
"Clubs are looking at their budgets and thinking they can't pay British prices for what you might call risks."
Tony certainly backs the signings Glenn Roeder has made thus far and adds:
"There is nothing wrong with them whatsoever; he has done really well.
"It takes time sometimes for new signings but I don't think anyone can say they were anything but quality signings - and long may it continue."