Eamonn's Message

Former West Ham striker Eamonn Dolan is backing Craig Forrest to beat cancer.
Craig, like Eamonn, is to undergo chemotherapy for testicular cancer, and the ex-Eire U21 forward insists he will overcome it.
"Cancer is very misunderstood," he says, "but all it is is reproducing cells.
"Every day some treatment emerges, but it is all about detection.
"A lot of men have to be really ill to go to the doctor, but that is not good, and examining yourself is really important."
As for the chemotherapy itself, Craig is undergoing it purely as a precautionary measure.
Eamonn's treatment, which he underwent while at Exeter City, whom he had joined from Birmingham City, was for a more aggressive cancer and lasted much longer than the two months' treatment Craig is getting.
"I had seven months' chemotherapy," he says, "but you do get through it.
"I had a lot of support from friends, family, and fans, and that made a difference.
"People wonder if they should say anything or not but getting a positive letter does you no end of good.
"Loads of people beat it, and it is important that people support the cancer charities such as the Bobby Moore fund that save lives.
"I now have a beautiful five month old daughter so my story has a happy ending."