Hutch: Drubbing Got Us Going

Don Hutchison says the agony of the 7-1 defeat at Blackburn spurred everyone on to put things right.
He feels, painful as it was, that the defeat increased the team's resolve to put things right on the park - which they did so superbly over the last three games.
"There was a bit of naivete at Blackburn in hindsight," he admits, "and we should probably have tried to hang on and seen what we could have got at the end.
"But to do it kamikaze style, myself included, was probably not the right thing to do.
"But it might be a turning point, getting battered 7-1; it might be a good thing because it shows you can't just go out there and expect to beat someone.
"The biggest thing for me has been how hard we have worked since as a team, and Paolo and Fredi have been exceptional in their work rate, which takes the pressure off the midfield and the back four.
"We will always use that game to remind us because it can never happen again.
"If it had been Manchester United it still wouldn't have been acceptable but you could hold your hands up and say it was one of the best teams in the world.
"But, to be beaten by a team like Blackburn, and no disrespect to them but they have just come up, that shouldn't be happening to West Ham.
"That's why we were so down, but we will take it in a positive manner and indeed take more out of the Ipswich game than the Blackburn one."
Speaking of the aftermath of the two defeats, he says:
"It wasn't too bad; the gaffer held us together well when it would have been quite easy for some of the lads to panic.
"The press panicked more than the players did but it just shows what Glenn can do if the press get off his back and let him have a good crack of the whip."
A good week followed a bad fortnight, of course, and Don adds:
"Nine points in a week - it doesn't get much better than that, but we will be greedy and look for 12 points in four and 15 in five.
"Trevor Sinclair says he dedicated the first win of the week to the gaffer and I think that's what most of the boys think because he is doing a great job and we're glad that people are off his back.
"I always thought it was unfair criticism and there are a lot more managers in the league would like to be in our position with the players that we have got and that he has bought."
Don's superb run to set up Fredi at Ipswich was certainly a turning point of the Ipswich game after they had got back into things, and Don says:
"I told the gaffer not to expect it because if everyone starts thinking I'm quick they will get wary, so I'll let them think I am slow and just do it once in a blue moon.
"I could have gone for goal but I'm not a selfish player and I thought he was in a better position and I would do that every week if it meant winning the game.
"It was a tough game and when Ipswich scored we had to kick on from there; that was the most pleasing aspect of the game, the way we showed some great character when it would have been easy to crumble after the defeats we have had away."
Of his own game, he says:
"I was obviously bought to try and score the goals that Frank used to but I think my target will be a little bit less this year because of the attacking boys we have got in the team.
"I was guilty at Blackburn; when we were getting beaten two or three I was trying to bomb on and score goals.
"In the end we got battered 7-1 and I think me and Michael have to be a bit more defensive and let the boys get on with it up front.
"But Michael has got off to a good start and I can't have him beat me in the goals tally!"
Michael was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet at Portman Road when he hit the bar, and Don adds:
"It was a great strike and shows you what technique he has.
"I'd settle for us both getting seven or eight, we have a good little partnership there; there are times when you are going to be playing well and scoring goals but we know you have defend and do the ugly side of it as well, and that's what makes an all round midfield player."
Don admits having an altercation with a fan in the Chicken Run during the Chelsea game - but reveals it is a case of all's well that ends well.
He went over to the fan at the end and presented him with his shirt at the end of the game, and explains:
"I hope it goes to show that I do care; if someone gives me stick then I will take it in the right way but I thought it was a little bit harsh when we were beating Chelsea 2-1.
"He was relieved we had hung on; it bothers me when we get stick and I'd be lying if I said it didn't.
"But I do want to win as many games as I can for West Ham.
"We just started laughing; I saw him as I got 20 yards away and I waved my finger to say come here and sorry and it's brilliant that we have won.
"So I made up to him afterwards and if we win 2-1 every week I don't care if they slaughter me!"
He enjoys the magnificent support of the fans and adds:
"I've played for them before and they are always on our side, even at Blackburn.
"To be fair, it was only after the Ipswich game when we went and celebrated that I realised how many had travelled."
Don says the months ahead will all be about playing the squad game, and adds:
"Foxey has been playing really well and just needs a chance while Tomas Repka looks like the buy of the season.
"But there is no reason why he and Scott Minto won't play their part; it is a squad game and me and Mick aren't going to play every week.
"If finish in Europe it won't just be because of 11 players."