Goddard Stays Calm

Paul Goddard says that everyone must keep their feet on the ground after the magnificent week of three wins.
"One thing you learn when you have been in football for a while is that there are good times and bad times," he says.
"When things are bad you mustn't get too low and likewise when there are good days you mustn't get too high.
"You have got to keep an even keel; the media and the hype work both ways, and when it's bad it goes one way, then when nice things happen you get all the praise.
"I have got to be honest, I have not even looked at the league table; all I know is we have had a very good week and picked up nine more points.
"I'm not saying I don't ever look at it, but at this stage jumping up four or five places when you get a result is nothing too get all excited about, because it can go the other way just as easily.
"But it is nice to have put a bit of space from the bottom area where you don't really want to be because it brings more pressure on you."
He was delighted with way changing the formation to a back three worked with Scott Minto and Hayden Foxe coming into the side, and adds:
"We did not have too long after the Chelsea game, but we worked on it and felt it was the best thing.
"We asked them to do certain things, and not make it too complicated; we wanted them to be steady and that's what they were, and of course there were creative players around them.
"The world of football now is all about squads and it's been well documented we need to strengthen our squad; we need everyone to contribute."
Paul spent nearly a happy decade at Portman Road and adds:
"Everyone was saying was I extra pleased about beating my old club; I'm just pleased we picked up three points, and the fact is it was against Ipswich is irrelevant."
He acknowledges their second season in the Premiership is proving difficult and explains:
"A few more people are perhaps giving them more respect, and they have the UEFA Cup to think about as well.
"They were not quite firing on all cylinders but they are a good group of hard working pros.
"Last year was sensational for them, and they were one game away from the Champions' League."
He says the league is getting even stronger, adding:
"This year there seems to be a bigger group of clubs looking a lot stronger: as well as Arsenal and Manchester United, Leeds have made a tremendous start, Chelsea are a good side, Liverpool are strong, Aston Villa are doing well.
"There are a lot of stronger teams, and you keep plugging away, but we need to be realistic; our squad is quite small.
"We've had no problems with the way things have gone round the training ground, and we are slowly getting a good rapport.
"Unfortunately there have been some disappointing away performances which have let us down.
"But we have shown a lot of ability in the last three games; you don't beat the teams we have with just hard work."
As for the Fulham game, he says:
"By all accounts they are playing some very good football and not getting the rewards; but they romped away with the first division last year, they are an exceedingly good team, and have a lot of people with pace and movement all looking to get forward."