Trev: Let's Keep It Going

Trevor Sinclair has certainly enjoyed his last week at the club - and says the team must keep the momentum going this weekend before the international break.
"When asked how far he had run in the three victories last week he says:
"I don't know; you tell me!
"We need to do that every game; we have done it over the last three games and got our just rewards.
"Everyone likes winning and I am no different to that; it seems to be a better mentality at the training ground with a lot more urgency.
"Finding ourselves down at the bottom of the league was hurting everyone's pride and we strove to put that right in the last week or so.
"We believe we are good enough to play in the Premiership but believing you are and proving it are two totally different things, and we had to start proving it.
"I always enjoy playing; obviously when you keep on getting beaten it starts to get you down but we seem to have turned it round in a week.
"We had a lot of tough away games to start the season but it was important that we took some of that confidence that we gained in the last couple of games at home into Sunday's game at Ipswich."
With another local clash coming up against Fulham on Saturday, Trevor adds:
"We had a London derby last week against Chelsea; the atmosphere was amazing and the fans were brilliant.
"They really did give us a massive lift and we did start really well, so let's hope we can emulate that and get the same again on Saturday against Fulham.
"The hard work is just beginning now; we've laid our stall out, set our standards, and it is up to us now to make sure we uphold them."