Glenn Plans Ahead

Coach Glenn Roeder reckons the appointment of a new manager might mean the players coming back early for pre-season training.

He explains that, although pre-season is provisionally mapped out, the preparations are subject to change depending on what the new man wants.

"It is a complete guessing game at the moment," he says, "but I hope that for the club's sake the appointment, the right appointment, can be made as soon as possible.

"The new manager will have a long close season ahead of him going through the playing staff and deciding who he wants to keep and not keep, then hopefully bring in the players that we will need next year.

"Roger Cross and I have set down the framework for pre-season with regards to the first team and the reserve team games, but if the new manager comes in in the next few days and doesn't like what we are doing he will want to change it.

"If the appointment isn't made for three weeks or so, then I would think he will have to go with what we have mapped out.

"At the moment we are due back on the 11th of July, but I feel that could change with the new man wanting perhaps to get them back a week early to get to know them.

"Ten days after pre-season is due to start, we will have that game against Purfleet which we always do, while sending another team to Bishops Stortford the same night.

"Then we are due to go possibly to Scandinavia, possibly Sweden for seven or eight days, but that is not confirmed, and I wouldn't want our supporters who like to go on these trips to be booking flights yet.

"The new manager could come in and say 'no, that is not the sort of thing I am looking for, we'll be doing different things'."

A game with Rushden and Diamonds is once again likely, though there is no confirmation of rumours that a friendly with Feyenoord is arranged.