Cole Fired Up

Joe Cole admits he was "very sad" about Harry Redknapp's departure - but feels his successor will have one of the best jobs in football.

"I'm sure whoever comes in will relish it," he says. "We've got a lot of talent at the club.

"I will be giving 100% to whoever they pick but I will keep my thoughts as to who it should be to myself.

"I'll be looking forward to working with anyone.

"It's not changed anything as far as I'm concerned, I still want to stay at West Ham for as long as they want me and I don't think it is going to change too much with the other players either.

"As for Frank, I wouldn't want to see him go but whatever he does is down to him, and I can't speak for him.

"Everyone knows I enjoy playing football, and when you are enjoying yourself on the pitch it doesn't matter who your manager is.

"I want to win, whoever I am playing for; but I wish Harry all the best."