Riza's Regret

Omer Riza says he is delighted that Jermain Defoe got off the mark for the U21s against Mexico on Thursday -but wishes he had been on the pitch with him.

Omer has all but abandoned his England ambitions now, and admits:

"I've played with Turkey U21s in a friendly in Germany and they want me to play some games in July, but I haven't played for them yet and I don't really know what is happening.

"Initially I would have loved to have played for England but if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen.

"It would have been ideal for me but time is running out now, because if I get called up for Turkey I will go.

"But to be honest I'm not too interested in internationals at the moment because I just want to break through into the first team and get playing.

"J is definitely ahead of me now but I'm not the jealous type, and he is a great little player who will go as far as he goes - your career takes you where it is going to take you at the end of the day.

"He got his debut and I'm delighted for him, and when we play we have got a good understanding and we complement each other.

"He has actually gone out there and done it and I spoke to him about it; when you hit a run like him, scoring ten in ten, you are booming.

"There are loads of little things he does that are quality but I think he looks at the runs I make and think they are good as well."

He is hoping a new manager might take a fresh look at him, and he says:

"It's the same for anyone when any manager comes in and it's all about personal opinion; but after my loan spells I hope I will be fit and ready for the new season."

Looking back on the season, he says:

"We had a blinding run in the cup but all the time that was going on the league status was dropping and once we were out of the cup the everyone started having a pop.

"But I don't think we got the results we deserve and how can losing Rio not affect you?"

Nonetheless, Omer believes that the new manager will not find a paucity of talent at the club, and he says:

"With the likes of Michael and Joe, and there are a lot of youngsters hoping to come through as well, there are good players though it is a big blow losing Frank, and I think Camara will go when he recovers from his injury.

"If we can keep the players though I think the new manager will have a good squad to play around with, and with maybe two or three players there will be plenty to keep him going."