All Change

The current managerial situation has not affected the release and retention of players for the 2001/2002 season.

Loanees Kaba Diawara, Sebastien Schemmel, and Christian Basilla have all returned to their respective clubs although they are still technically on the payroll.

The players released are: Stevland Angus, Jimmy Bullard [who is likely to join Peterborough], Craig Etherington, Terrell Forbes, Gavin Holligan, and Davor Suker.

Offers have been made to  Australians Richard Garcia and Steve Laurie, who are recovering from long term injuries, but will be fit for next season, and both have indicated that they will sign.

John Moncur is also set to sign when, in common with other players, his contract expires at the end of June.

Stuart Pearce is waiting to see if the new manager wants to retain his services and will stay if he does; if not, he would be freed.

Of the third year scholarship boys, Amos Foyewa and Sam Taylor have been released, with Amos interesting Southend, for whom he had a trial.

Sam Clark and Anwar Uddin have been offered new deals.

Of the second years, Martin Chandler and Moses Jjunju have been released while Dean Cleaver, Billy McMahon, Louis Riddle, Joe Sealey, Dean Smith, and Ross Tobolewski move to the third year.

Moving up to second year scholarships are nine players, namely James Allen, Antony Dean, Freddy Eastwood, Glenn Jackson, Glen Johnson, Terence Khan, Billy Mehmet, Kesiena Metititri, and Niall Ritchie.

The new boys on the block, the first years, are Ayo Akinsete, Graeme Carrick, Anton Ferdinand, Ronnie Fletcher, Philip Lumsden, Trent McClenahan, Daniel Morris, Gregory Pearson, Craig Saunders, George Sealey, Brent Tattam, and Elliott Ward.

All of which means plenty of paperwork for secretary Peter Barnes!

He says:

"We wish all those who are leaving us, from the youngsters to the senior players, the best of luck for the future - and we warmly welcome the new lads on board." 

Meanwhile, former West Ham players Ludek Miklosko, who coined the phrase the 'Ludo Launch' with his famously long kicks, and Keith Rowland have been released by QPR.