Foxe On Boss Hunt

Hayden Foxe is hoping that the next West Ham boss can coach him to the top!

"Obviously there has been a lot of talk about Alan Curbishley and Steve McClaren coming but we will have to wait and see who it is," he says.

"Alan Curbishley has done a great job at Charlton and Steve McClaren has done a really good job at Manchester United.

"I'm sure both are well up for the job, but it is down to who the board select as a manager and then we have to make sure we do the job for him.

"These two obviously come with good CVs and with a high level of recommendation from a lot of people, so hopefully one of them can turn out to be a successful manager for West Ham.

"Everything is always a gamble in football; who knows if Alan Curbishley could do a job here or whoever it may be, the top coaches in the world, even Sven-Goran Eriksson could do it.

"However it goes, it goes, but I've heard Steve is very good with young players and has a good rapport with them, relating well to them."

Hayden is looking forward to some first class coaching next season, and, entering the debate about whether Premiership players can be coached, he is firm in his beliefs.

"It is part of the job being a manager, though I think coaches can only teach to a certain age and a certain level in sport," he insists.

"If I turned around now and said 'I've stopped learning' I might as well give the game up.

"I'm 23 years of age, still inexperienced, and I've still got stacks of things to learn every day.

"A good coach would definitely help my career and I'm sure the board will select the right coach to take West Ham forward.

"We're full of young players and we need to be coached for the good of West Ham United."

He says the Hammers lost their way a little towards the end of the season, adding: "We lost our shape a little bit towards the end of the season and I think that needs to be brought back a bit.

"Hopefully if we can put the talent and the shape and the tactical sense together we can get there.

"We have been saying all year long that we have potentially one of the greatest squads in England, and maybe it is time to prove it.

"I don't know why we lost our shape; it could have been lack of confidence after the Tottenham game, but you probably can't put it down to one actual thing.

"I just hope next season we start fresh together because the character of the blokes in the squad is great and we need to put it all together for the new manager."

Tactical nous, he reckons, will also be needed, and he adds: "West Ham play with wing-backs and we didn't get an awful lot of crosses in did we?

"If you are going to use that sort of formation you need to get a lot of crosses in.

"But the new manager might want to play four at the back in a 4-4-2, or 3-5-2, or 3-4-1-2 - who knows?

"Only he will know, but it will be using the strengths of the players to fit with the system."

As for talk of Frank Lampard leaving, he says: "There's a lot of speculation that he is going, reading from the papers, though I haven't heard it from Frank's mouth so I don't really know.

"It would be a shame because he is a great player. But every summer players leave and if he does that will give the club quite a substantial amount of money - maybe £14m, quite a bit to play with."