Stimac On Future

Igor Stimac says he will seek a meeting with the new manager to discuss his future at Upton Park - but he says he does not have a preference who the new man should be.
"I'm not getting into that," he insists.
"Whoever comes in, I am there to do my job, I am not there to choose the manager.
"Whoever comes in I will have a chat with him but anyway I have a few options.
"I will either stay here another year or a couple of years or I will look somewhere else, but we will see about that after I have a chat with the new man."
He has ruled himself out of playing at Middlesbrough, and says:
"I'm not going to play; I'm just waiting to have a proper rest for the next couple of months."
Of his reaction to Harry's departure, he adds:
"I was shocked; no one expected Harry to resign or be sacked, whatever happened.
"We were all looking forward to our next season, thinking how much money he was going to spend from the transfer fees we earned, and the future looked bright.
"Money is a big thing these days; even the birds know we have to spend big money.
"After we sold Rio we knew we had lots of money there for new signings and Harry was thinking to spend all the money he got from Rio's transfer and there was probably a problem."
Igor insists that he hopes the club continues the progress of recent years, but admits:
"I am worried because all the loan players are leaving the club and there will be a few players waiting to speak to the new manager.
"We can expect to see a few players leaving so there will be a need to sign a few quality players.
"I'm not worried about that but the board should be; I'm just one of the players still under contract, so I have to do my duty whatever happens.
"It all depends on the board's ambition; maybe we need to spend £100m - £150m!!
"Harry did well bringing in good players for not very much money; everbody is looking for good players as cheaply as possible, so we are not going to look at Juventus, AC Milan, or AC Roma, and the way they sign players.
"But we are going to look at some players who are not so famous but are talented enough to help us."