After Harry - Zarri?

You won't see his name at the bookies' - even though he is one - but an unknown manager with a seemingly impeccable track record has applied for the West Ham manager's position.
John Zarri, 37, boss of Motspur Park reserves, reckons he deserves to become the Hammers' ninth boss.
Explaining his 'credentials', he says:
"We have three senior sides and 15 youth teams, and I manage the reserves.
"In the last five years we have gone up from division 8 to division 3 in the Morden and district Sunday league.
"I put in the letter that I thought they would find my record impressive, and that while I'd been there we'd gone from division 8 obscurity towards the heights of division 3 - and that I was ready for the hot seat."
He insists he'd have no qualms about solving The Big Question, and says:
"I'd play di Canio and Joe Cole with a policy of out scoring the opposition.
"If someone was going to score three we'd score four."
He proposes a bold 3-4-4 formation with Kanoute, di Canio, Todorov, and Sinclair as the front four, Cole, Carrick, Lampard, and Lomas in midfield - but remains a little uncertain of his back three.
He admits that he doesn't hold out much hope of getting the much-coveted post, however, and says:
"I'm hoping to get a reply, though, even if it is just "sod off!"
Talking of Harry's departure, he adds:
"I'm gutted that Harry has left; I just remember one of our first games in the Premiership when we has Clive Allen up front, and I look at it then to now and the difference is just unbelievable.
"I think Harry has been brilliant for the club: he sorted out the youth system and brought players through.
"I've always thought if you can get a manager who loves the club you are half way there.
"With Redknapp we had that, and it hurt him as much as anyone else when we lost."