Jonathan Fleet, Eastbourne

I started following the Hammers in 1964 at the age of 11. Even then the majority seemed to follow Man Utd or Spurs but I liked West Ham and young Bobby Moore was my hero. We enjoyed success in the FA and European Cup Winners' Cups and I was totally dedicated. My football shirt worn at school was a West ham one, although I don't know where my mum and dad got it from - I grew up in Brighton.

I stayed loyal through the good years and the bad - often being mocked at school as we fought in the relegation zone or went out of cup competitions to smaller clubs. Every one seemed to enjoy playing West Ham because of the open, attractive style we always played under Ron Greenwood.

Successive managers kept the West Ham style of play and we always played honest open football with further success in the cup in '75 and '80 and we were a joy to watch with Brooking and co. The late 80s and early 90s weren't so good, but following Bonzos departure and Harry's arrival, things started to look better for us as Harry amassed a team to compete at the top level. However, he also seemed to make some strange buys and more latterly did waste the £18m from Rio's sale - why buy players like Song and Camara and lose out on Schemmel and Tihinen - both of whom excelled when we beat Man Utd this year!

Harry was quoted as saying we lost our way this season, but with so many bad buys and missing out on some good ones we paid the price. We now need the team to remain loyal to the fans who are always there for them - don't throw in the towel and rush to join other clubs - we haven't when you've played badly and let us down - we stood behind you and supported you through good and bad.

Use this as a time to move forward and get even better. Finish what Harry started! Rethink your future young Frank and stay loyal to us like your dad did in the 70s and 80s, and like Trevor Brooking did when he could have played for any of the bigger clubs in his time!

It is this undying loyalty that we fans show year in year out and if you players could find it in your heart, it will lead us to the trophies we know we can win.

Paolo Di Canio is too exciting a player to lose, but Paolo you don't need to dye your hair - simply put your heart into the claret and blue and score spectacular goals for us as we know you can and will next season. We can do without Freddie, Titi, Diawara and Song, and those who think they are better than they are.

1964 and 65 were the impressionable years which confirmed me as a lifelong Hammer. Watching the greatest of them all - Bobby Moore - with his inch perfect passes to Hurst and co.and the swashbuckling Billy Bonds and the magical Trevor Brooking in the 70s and 80s - the list is endless.

But one thing is for sure - whatever happens and whoever manages us (not George Graham please - remember the last Scot we had!) I know I and thousands of others will remain loyal because West Ham is our team - there could never ever be another - stick with us boys because we will always be there for you!