Md: No Decision Yet

Paul Aldridge has reiterated that the club will not be rushed into a decision about the successor to Harry Redknapp.

And he stresses that no bids have been received for Frank Lampard junior, despite reports to the contrary.

One newspaper has claimed that a deal to sell Frank had been 'rubber stamped' even prior to Harry's departure, and another says that Aston Villa have made a formal bid of £11.5m, but Paul insists:

"We have had no enquiries, and are concentrating our efforts on the managerial vacancy."

While the Hammers' transfer targets are naturally likely to shift with a new manager who will have different ideas on which players he wants to bring in, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that players such as Javi Moreno of Alaves, the striker that Harry has publicly said he is impressed by, may remain on the wanted list if the new boss rates him.

Says Paul:

"A new manager will naturally have his own views but our scouts are continuing to look at players all over.

"The dossiers will be made available to the new man - if he so wishes."

The fact remains, however, that any transfer gossip is rendered pointless at the moment, since the new man will be making the transfer decisions.

Suggestions that Ian Pearce could be returning to Blackburn, for example, are pure speculation at the moment, and while Harry may have been prepared to sell him, his successor might not.