Carr's Cry

Tony Carr has urged the U17s to do the club proud this weekend - and expunge the disappointment of the recent trip to Dallas.

They take on Spurs at Chadwell Heath in the quarter final of the FA Premiership play offs and Tony says he is "confident  - but not over confident."

Many of those taking part were involved in the recent Dallas Cup tournament for U18s and are determined, says Tony, to put that behind them.

That said, playing two games in less than 12 hours didn't help the cause!

He reveals:

"We drew the first game 2-2 with a good performance, then, after finishing at eight, had to take part in the opening ceremony and stand about for 2 hours before having dinner at 10:30.

"Then we had to be up at 8 the next morning to face a team who had not played, and that proved to be our achilles heel.

"The scheduling was horrendous and not thought out at all.

"We drew the last game already knowing we were out, but I'm sure we would have won if we'd needed to.

"Then we won a friendly 6-0; but we knew it was going to be tough out there and it was a good experience, especially for the younger players."

Tony warns that other nations - American Samoa excepted, perhaps - are catching up fast and thinks that any complacency the youngsters might have about becoming professionals will have been dampened by the trip.

"I think it has opened the eyes of a lot of youngsters," he says.

"They have seen the technique other countries have who play a slower game.

"These so-called minnow countries are starting to match us; Mexico are not world renowned but their teams showed good technique and the Americans are catching up physically and will be a big force in football in 10  - 15 years time.

"Two or three players caught my eye but I didn't pursue it because of the work permit problems."