Pearce Out For Season

 Ian Pearce will not play again this season, reveals the club's doctor.

Ges Steinbergs, talking about the collision with Rigobert Song ten minutes from time at Manchester City which lead to him being substituted, says: "There seemed to be an initial challenge and I think the worst part is that he whiplashed his head against the ground, and from there he had a slight loss of memory.

"He was having trouble remembering the last few games and although it has come back since, he can't remember the few hours afterwards.

"We took him to a hospital in Manchester where we did some x-rays and carried out a scan, both of which were, gladly, normal.

"He spent the night there for observation and was discharged the following day but I'm afraid he is going to be out for the season because the regulations state in those type of head injuries that you have to be off football for three weeks.

"That's from the concussion, and he had quite a significant loss of memory and although there were no complicating factors the recommendations are now through the neurologists that he stays off football for three weeks.

"I didn't have a chance to review the incident but it may have been the initial challenge which glanced him and then he fell heavily and hard.

"Initially he seemed alright but then he thought we were winning 3-0!"

Describing the assessment procedure afterwards, he reveals: "You ask them simple things like their name, who we are playing, the date, the number on your back and that sort of thing and initially he knew those.

"Then he started to feel a bit heavy legged and when I re-questioned him he didn't know where we were, who we were playing, or what he was playing.

"And he probably thought we were going for a Champions' League spot next season!

"The thing is you do suddenly get a bit out of sorts because suddenly you don't realise what you are doing and why you are doing certain things, and certain faces will seem completely strange; you'll say what are you doing here and yet you might have met that person.

"He couldn't remember who he shared a room with, which is Steve Potts, and simple things like that."

It is not known if Pottsy is hurt by that!

Ges adds: "Technically you have a black hole of where your memory has gone because it works on the basis that it goes into your brain and then gets shovelled into your short term memory before getting filed into your long term memory.

"But if there is a disturbance between the short and long term it doesn't get there, and recent events didn't quite make it.

"He was only starting to understand things at ten at night, and even they weren't sinking in until the morning. He doesn't remember being on the pitch or coming off it.

"It's a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together - eventually by watching TV a lot, listening to the radio, reading the paper, you begin to realise that it is not Southampton that are bottom of the league, it's Bradford, that sort of thing.

"As he fell he whacked his head but there were no cuts or bruising; he bit his cheek a little bit and had a slight headache and neck pain through the night and will be more tired in the week.

"One of the things you do lose is your ability to differentiate between night and day so he didn't sleep the first night because he didn't know it was time to sleep, because his brain hadn't accepted that, but when it comes back you get a fatigue syndrome.

"Effectively he's not allowed to train for a week but at the end of the week he's allowed to do low impact stuff like swimming; the second week he can train but not head the ball, and he will only be able to do that in the last week.

"If he were to go back in a week's time and take another whack on the head, if the blood vessels were stretched then, he could suffer a more traumatic injury.

"So the recommendation is he takes the statutory three weeks off - even with the grace of the FA Cup final, the last game is just too soon."

Ges also confirms that Frank Lampard has had his groin operation as planned - despite reports on Sunday, the day after the operation, that the player said he was hoping to avoid one!

He says: "He has had the operation after a specialist recommended that course of action. It just didn't settle at all and when the operation was done it was seen that proved to be the correct thing to do.

"He'll miss the last couple of games but there was no way he could carry on."

*The FA Premier Youth Academy League quarter-final against Spurs will see the under-17s  kicking off at 11am on Saturday, May 5 at Chadwell Heath.