Trevor Brooking: Part Two

In part two of his exclusive interview with, recently-appointed Director Trevor Brooking says that the measure of progress can be judged in the space of three seasons.

"Everyone you want is not always available so that takes time," he says, "so I would have thought that over a three year period you would want to see West Ham getting into a position where we are certainly challenging for Europe and it is a place where a top player is considering coming to.

"That is the area you have got to break down because the harsh fact is that four top clubs provided the England team that played Greece.

"You have to provide the option for players looking to come to West Ham to get into Europe.

"That's not going to happen overnight and that time span seems right.

"The first year will be the most difficult, like anything, and lots of deals are already halfway to being done elsewhere.

"It has been well documented that there is money there to spend but while you can look for one or two players to help you through the transitional period, in the end you want to look for some quality to move West Ham into that better position.

"The redevelopment is a key area because it will give the club the opportunity of generating more revenue.

"Whatever anyone says, West Ham are up there with the best of them on the wages side, so you have to try to make the decisions that benefit players longer term."

Talking of Glenn's appointment, he says: "Glenn is ambitious, he's been in the coaching area for a long time but is still young.

"You'd like to feel with the backing and resource he now has that he has a better opportunity, rather than having to generate funds, of getting success.

"The young lads know him as a good coach, and it's important that everyone gives him the chance to show his worth and value.

"To those that said 'why didn't we get a more high profile position?', you can say 'what were the alternatives?'

"Then you are talking about heavy contract commitments, so is it the right decision?

"Glenn deserves the opportunity so let's see how he does, and if we can help him in any way then great."

Trevor is urging patience from the supporters, explaining: "You don't spend just for the sake of it; it's important to go for the right people long term.

"There's no panic to bring anyone in, it will happen over a period of time.

"Last year the home form wasn't always as fearsome as it has been in years gone by and we need that back."

Trevor's appointment to the board means the regular return of Mrs Brooking and he adds: "She doesn't hold back and when I used to play she came everywhere.

"The trouble is, she'll probably be telling us who to buy!"