June 19 - Joe Mccurdy

Name: Joe McCurdy

Lives: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Occupation: TV Producer, World Sport, CNN

Years Supporting West Ham: 3

Why Did You Begin Supporting West Ham: To make a ridiculously long story short, I had to choose a team to call my own, because I worked with English Manchester United and Liverpool fans, and had American Newcastle, Arsenal, and Chelsea fans already here. Fortunately, they left the best team for me. But ultimately, it was Dr. Martens on the shirt that did it!

What Was The First Match You Saw Live: Haven't even been to London, but it will happen!. 

Where Do You Watch Hammers Matches From: Listen to all Hammers matches on the internet. In the US, we see one match on a Saturday (2 hours tape delay) and on Monday live on Fox Sports World. Otherwise, there's one choice for Sunday pay-per-view.  At CNN, we get highlights of four games per week. 

Who Is Your Favourite All Time Hammer: Bobby Moore (even though I wasn't a fan then, I loved him in the movie Escape To Victory).

Who Is Your Favourite Current Hammer: Joe Cole.

What Is Your Most Memorable Match: Early last season, listening to the internet broadcast, when West Ham were down two goals at Upton Park to Manchester United, and scored twice in five minutes to level it!.

What Is Your Most Memorable Goal: Di Canio's scissor kick against Wimbledon two seasons ago.

What Is The Best Thing About Supporting West Ham: At any time, they can beat any team. And with style.

What Is The Worst Thing About Supporting West Ham: At any time, they can lose to any team. But with style.

What Is Your All Time Memory as a Hammers Fan: Hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure it will be my first match at Upton Park.