Glenn Backs Brooking

Glenn Roeder believes that the appointment of Trevor Brooking to the Board could help give him an edge in the transfer market.

"Trevor has travelled all over the world watching games and I'm sure if he sees anyone special the first person he will be telling will be me instead of any other manager or coach," says the Hammers boss.

"I think it is terrific news for the club and for myself.

"Trevor obviously comes from a football background and we'll be able to talk about the football and transfer targets.

"We'll be able to talk about anything to do with football and he will know where I am coming from.

"I'm sure he will relay those messages back to the board so they know what is happening.

"I've spoken to Trevor already and he certainly doesn't want to be stepping on my toes and I'm sure he won't be.

"One of the issues that he was looking at was that he didn't want me to think he had been put onto the board to make me feel uncomfortable or for me to be looking over my shoulder worrying about what Trevor was thinking.

"He was very concerned about that and I think I put those fears to rest by saying how much I wanted him to join the board and that it would be good for me.

"I said to him any time he has is passing and he wants to come in for a cup of tea or to watch training he must do so.

"When the possibility was first mentioned to me a week or so ago I was 100% behind the idea and I'm now looking forward to working with him.

"I think he will be able to act as a link between myself and the board of directors.

"But I wish he was 20 years younger because he would definitely get in the team!"

Glenn says having Trevor around will be a massive boost rather than an impingement on his authority, explaining: "I don't think anyone would ever call Trevor an interfering kind of person; he's a very easy going person to be around and of course, being such an intelligent man you are going to get an intelligent answer and response from him if you need to ask him anything.

"I don't think me taking over has got anything to do with Trevor joining the board - he would have joined anyway.

"Thankfully he has given a positive response. The club is so entrenched in his heart and he so wants the club to do well - you couldn't think of a better person to take that role.

"Over at Tottenham they have got Martin Peters on the board and one or two other clubs are going down that road as well, and it makes sense to me."