Sinclair Speaks Out

Trevor Sinclair has emphatically denied a story in a Sunday newspaper which claimed he was unhappy at West Ham and looking for a move.

The article claimed that: 'he is so desperate to go he has ditched his agents for a quick move', but he insists that is not the reason he has changed his representation.

Trevor has left First Artists, whose employee Jon Smith is quoted in the piece as saying: "Trevor isn't happy at West Ham and is looking for a move."

But Trevor himself says: "I think really if you read between the lines it is just a bit of sour grapes.

"I came to the conclusion that an agent that was looking after my personal and professional off the field activities weren't really cutting it and I decided to get rid of them.

"Basically I decided to go elsewhere because I'd been at First Artists a long time; I think they are trying to cause a bit of trouble for me and upset the apple cart, making me out to be some kind of person who is just going to leave and cause loads of trouble.

"It's just total lies - I can't wait to get back in training with the lads."

Trevor has already spoken to Glenn Roeder about the story to allay any fears the new manager might have, and he says: "Glenn's not got a problem with me, and he knows that I wasn't quoted in the article.

"It's just sour grapes from my old agents who I'm glad not to be associated with any more.

"I've told Glenn not to worry about the article because it has nothing to do with me, and unless he hears anything from me we'll get on as normal.

"It is totally untrue, and First Artists are trying to cause a lot of hassle for me and I think it is unprofessional - but I'm not going to get into petty banter with them."

Trevor says he welcomes the appointment of Glenn as boss, adding: "I'm glad he has got the job because he is an enthusiastic coach.

"A lot of people don't realise he has been at the club quite a while, and I've spoken to a few supporters during that time about the fact that Glenn is an exceptional coach.

"He stimulates the players and always does different exercises to keep the boys interested.

"I think it is a great appointment by West Ham and I think he can do a good job - he has some great ideas.

"If he gets a bit of money to spend to bring in a few faces I think he will surprise a few people."

Trevor says that people should view the appointment with an open mind, adding: "I am disappointed by the reaction; the fans are going to be sceptical because he has not really got a massive portfolio in management, but if you look at it, he has been involved with England and looked after some of the biggest names in the game, like Gazza.

"I can only go on my own experience with him since he came to West Ham, and I think he has been a great coach with great enthusiasm.

"And he has a love for West Ham in his heart, so I wish him all the best and I am going to be doing everything I can to make his job a little bit easier.

"Once we bring some new players in we can then get everybody behind each other to have a better season than last."

As for the departure of Frank Lampard to Chelsea, Trevor comments: "He's done well, and he has had to put up with a lot of hassle.

"I don't think he was ever going to get the acclaim he deserved because his dad was here and everyone thought he was in the team for certain reasons.

"The lads know he is a good player and no-one is going to spend £11m on a player if he's not a good player.

"That fee puts to rest any doubts about his ability and I wish him all the best; he's got a great attitude and he's a good friend of mine."