Pearce Faces The Future

Stuart Pearce says he hopes and believes Glenn Roeder can do well as boss of West Ham - even though he wanted the job himself. And he has dropped the broadest hint possible that he will be moving on this summer to pursue his own managerial ambitions.

"I'm very pleased for Glenn," says Stuart. "I thoroughly like the fellow and I hope he does well at the club."

As to whether Glenn's appointment will have a bearing on his own future, he says: "I doubt it but you never know. I'm not overly sure at the moment."

He admits, though, that he wanted the Hammers hot seat and says: "I made no bones about wanting the job, it is a very appealing one, but at the end of the day the club have done well giving it to Glenn, and he is in a position now where he has to improve himself - as does any manager when he takes on a new job.

"I'm quite aware that not too many clubs in the Premiership are prepared to give jobs to someone that has never managed before for any length of time, so I am not overly disappointed.

"I was well aware that I probably had a 1% chance of getting the job - if that.

"You've got to be in the right place at the right time, and Glenn was.

"One or two other people were approached and for one reason or another weren't available or didn't want the job."

As for his own future, he reveals: "I'm 95% organised as to what my future is next year but at this stage it is prudent for me not to say anything.

"When it's convenient for the people around me that have asked me not to say at present, I will, but if that is their decision then I am quite happy to go along that route."

Talking of last season, he says: "It was smashing but I would have loved to have more success because that is what we are in the game for.

"It was a bitter-sweet season for me with Harry leaving and whatever but the bottom line is I've managed to play 42 matches in the season and I'd have to go back quite a few years to remember when I last did that."

And he feels that Glenn will get the backing of the supporters in his new role, saying: "There were question marks over David O'Leary when he took over his job, and people were wondering if he was up to it or not.

"But he certainly proved them wrong, and I hope the players get behind Glenn and give him their full support.

"He'll have to win the fans over and maybe a touch more because he wasn't a considered name at the time.

"But I can't see any reason why he can't do the job; he has been there long enough to know the run of the club.

"I've got on very well with him and we talked a lot on many a morning.

"He has got his own ideas on how the game should be played but I think he is too shrewd to go in there and make wholesale changes because of the way West Ham play."

Glenn himself says of Stuart's situation: "I haven't spoken to Stuart since the end of the season when he was concerned with getting a short holiday and getting his coaching badge at Loughborough University which he is doing at the moment.

"When he comes back from that course we will see what his thoughts are but for all we know he may have a different plan.

"It's entirely up for discussion; I spoke to Stuart in private before the Middlesbrough game and he said he had been talking to his wife over the last few months and he wasn't sure if he wanted to carry on at Premiership level anyway.

"He has been a national hero in his career and has hacked it with the very very best around the world.

"There might come a time at the age of 40 where he decides that he can't quite do it like he did ten years ago and he himself might want to start bringing the curtain down on a Premiership career.

"At some time he has got to land his first managerial job anyway and get on with his new career.

"But he was excellent last year; he is a winner, and the more winners you can get around you the more chance you give yourself."