Cross Clears Up Confusion

Roger Cross says he is unconcerned by stories saying that he was sacked and reinstated this week - and reiterates that they are simply not true.

When asked if he finds the rumours disconcerting, he shrugs: "Not really, it is probably a rumour that went around because sometimes when the manager and assistant goes they are looking for a clean sweep but it hasn't happened and I'm still there.

"It is strange, but I know that Glenn wants me to stay and that is more important to me than anything else.

"We've worked together for two years and he thinks I'm good at my job and he trusts me, so that is good enough for me.

"I think Glenn wanted to retain me for the continuity, which is important; the place has got plenty of style about it, and we don't want to lose that.

"My role will be exactly the same, and I feel very comfortable doing what I have been for four seasons.

"My main duties last year were with the first team, and the reserve team was shared between myself, Tony Carr, and Glenn.

"If there was a first team game on I would travel with Harry and Glenn or Tony would take the reserves.

"With the reserve team it is perhaps not the way some other clubs run it."

He feels there will be a change of emphasis in the policy of loaning out youngsters next season, adding: "If we send our best young players out on loan all in one go then the reserve team will suffer, there is no doubt about it."

Roger's family has a long association with the Hammers - his parents used to look after the young players at the club.

"My mum and dad used to house players at West Ham for years. Alvin Martin and Ray Stewart are just two that stayed at their house, and many players passed through their doors.

"So it is a long association with West Ham football club in many ways.

"I was playing at Millwall when Alvin and Ray were staying there.

"But they looked after tens of players; Stuart Pearson stayed there at one time, George Cowie, and loads of others."

Roger believes that Glenn can make the transition to the Premiership and uses the example of Teddy Sheringham proving his doubters wrong when he stepped up a division early on in his career at The Den.

"People were saying: 'I don't know if Sheringham would be good enough in the First Division' and I just said 'that is rubbish', knowing that as the team goes up he will prove himself.

"And he became a terrific player through coming up and getting the chance - and I think this could be Glenn's big chance.

"And I am certain the chairman will help in every way."

He is optimistic about the future - and suggests that it could be a busy summer ahead in the transfer market.

"The club can go forward, there is no doubt about that, and we do need some players," he says. "With Frank going we need to fill that space, and perhaps three or four other positions.

"We are on the lookout for some fresh blood - and we will get it.

"Every coach likes to work with the top players and we want to have some more around at the club."

Roger has seen more of Frank Lampard, whose sale has provided a large chunk of the transfer fund, than most this summer as the midfielder has been a regular visitor to Chadwell Heath to get fit for the medical which he passed at Chelsea on Thursday.

Did they speak about his imminent move?

"I didn't mention it at all," he says. "I think he has been a fantastic player for West Ham.

"You are looking at 10 to 12 goals a season so you must replace that.

"He has been a wonderful pro, and I think it says a lot for the people at the football club that talent like him has come through.

"I think it is a good price though; there aren't too many players sold at that kind of fee.

"We have had to sell him because of circumstances, and he will be a big loss.

"But we will get over it, and we will do well."

Behind the scenes, there will be changes too, of course, and he adds: "There will be a different management team and so there will be a few different ideas, that's for sure."