Joe: No Fear If It's Glenn

Joe Cole says he would have no qualms if Glenn Roeder was offered the managerial post at West Ham.

"When people ask me about Glenn Roeder I will always say he is probably in the top three coaches I have ever worked with," says the England midfielder.

"I know being a manager is a lot different but if there is anyone who I know personally that can do the job - he can.

"He really has got all the credentials; the lads love him, he knows how to coach and he knows his football more than anyone.

"I'm not pushing anyone's name forward, all I am saying is, if it is going to be Glenn, I can assure the fans we work with him every day and he is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with."

Joe is unconcerned by the perception that you have to have a 'big name' to succeed in the managerial hotseat and adds: "Everyone needs a chance in life don't they?

"If it is Glenn I know all the fans will get behind him and we will look to have a good season.

"I've worked with Steve McClaren, Kevin Keegan, Peter Taylor, Howard Wilkinson, all the coaches at West Ham and he is up there with any of them.

"He really is a top quality coach and the important thing is he knows the lads.

"He has been there a while, he has watched it, he has his own ideas and good luck to him.

"Glenn is similar to Steve McClaren in that he likes to be on the training ground with the boys.

"I'm sure if he did get the job he'd be smashing at it but I don't really want to be seen to be pushing him forward.

"I'm just answering the question and saying that as a coach I think he is one of the best."

Joe says he will not be resting on his laurels now he is a full international, and is looking to continue his progression next term.

"You learn every day," he says. "Football is changing all the time, and once you stop learning that is when you have got to hang your boots up."

Meanwhile he is filming an advert today for Adidas before taking a well earned break.

"I'm going to be doing some tricks with the golf ball I think, but I won't be taking my clubs - I'll stick to my feet!"