John's Blind Faith

John Moncur has revealed that he is so determined to see out his top flight career at Upton Park, he has signed a new contract with the club...even before knowing who the new manager is!

"I think that what everyone is hoping for is that we get someone in place before the pre-season starts," he says.

"But I have signed a new contract anyway and it hasn't affected my personal situation - I was never going to go anywhere else, regardless of who comes in.

"But in terms of everyone wanting to know what is happening we would hope for it to be over sooner rather than later."

John prefers to keep his thoughts close to himself about who should come in, and he says: "At the end of the day it is not really for me to say anything and I don't get involved in anything like that, but it is a great club with lots of decent players; it's not a situation where the new man will come to a club that is struggling.

"It is a club that should be going places, we have a lot of good young players and, barring one or two that want to go at the moment, there is not going to be an exodus of players.

"And whoever comes in is going to have a few quid to spend."

That, of course, will be boosted from the sale of Frank Lampard for around £14m, and John adds: "Frank is a good lad and a good player but to be honest I haven't even spoken to him and I can't really comment on his situation.

"He obviously feels he can no longer play for the club which is up to him, but these things happen in football and you have to get on with it."

On his reaction to H leaving, he admits: "It was a surprise to everyone and no-one thought it would happen, especially at the time it did.

"But now we have to look forward; I haven't spoken to him since but I was obviously with him for seven years and he turned the club around.

"I wouldn't say we were in a state but we were always fighting relegation and Harry got us into the top half of the table.

"With no disrespect to the others the players now are a lot better than when I first arrived.

"The season was really going well and it looked like we would go from strength to strength but it just shows you how much confidence can be a big factor.

"We lost in the cup and then the confidence seemed to drain after the Tottenham game and it steadily got worse.

"In many ways Harry only saw me as a squad player and I had to accept that but it would be nice to get someone in who gives me more games!"