Carr Drives On

Tony Carr says he will have no problems if West Ham appoint a foreign manager - as long as he doesn't meddle too much with the youth side of things!

His main fear is that the academy may be tinkered with by Harry Redknapp's successor, and he admits: "I think our record stands up against anybody's and I just hope the academy is left well alone."

He hopes that the new boss - wherever he is from - gets the club amongst the front runners and sees no reason why it shouldn't be someone from abroad.

"The pressure is there and with a lot of foreign managers in the Premiership there is a general trend to think foreign is best," he says.

"There is a groundswell of opinion saying that is the way we should go, and I am not saying there is anything wrong with that.

"That is where the influence and the change has come from - from the input of foreign managers and players.

"Because of that natural change we are looking at other methods and seeing it at first hand that their needs are different so I think it is a natural progression to copy those that you feel are successful.

"Everybody is different, it's as simple as that."

Tony says that the new manager will have to withstand hassles that were unheard of in John Lyall's day.

John was the first manager Tony served under and he has seen the job change dramatically since. "Coaching and management is different to what it was ten or fifteen years ago," he insists. "And there are a lot of young coaches and managers coming into the game and, like everything else, it is a gradual evolution of different methods.

"It is changing in the Premiership because the rewards and demands are so great and the failure is so devastating if a club gets relegated."

He says he has no inside information about who is next, adding: "We're just waiting to hear like everybody else.

"We are no nearer knowing but I think the sooner it happens the better, because until an appointment is made and we meet whoever it is there is always going to be an element of uncertainty with all the staff who are waiting to hear who it will be."

Tony has been keeping up with the latest methods by doing a course at Lilleshall, and he adds: "I've picked up the post, messages, and phone calls, and hopefully I can get a holiday some time in June!"