June 4 - Barry Hutton

Name: Barry Hutton

Lives: Johannesburg, South Africa

Occupation: Articled Clerk

Years Supporting West Ham: Five

Why Did You Begin Supporting West Ham: My Dad has always supported them, since the days of Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst. Through the years watching English football on TV in South Africa, no other team comes close when it comes to playing with heart and pure guts. The fans at the grounds are the most vocal at Upton Park by far - I want to be a part of that!.

What Was The First Match You Saw Live: Have not had the privilege of watching West Ham live yet. The earliest game I can recall on TV was the 1-1 draw at Upton Park against Man Utd in 1995 which gave Blackburn the Premiership title. 

Where Do You Watch Hammers Matches From: On big screen TVs at the pubs around Johannesburg. 

Who Is Your Favourite All Time Hammer: Julian Dicks

Who Is Your Favourite Current Hammer: Frank Lampard - please don't go Frank!

What Is Your Most Memorable Match: Beating Man Utd in the FA Cup at Old Trafford a couple months ago. 

What Is Your Most Memorable Goal: Paolo Di Canio's spectacular volley against Wimbledon.

What Is The Best Thing About Supporting West Ham: There are very few Hammers fans in South Africa as most support Liverpool and Man Utd. When you support someone different you become recognised and people say, "Hey, there goes that West Ham fan in his 'Julian Dicks' shirt again!" I feel very proud.

What Is The Worst Thing About Supporting West Ham: No trophies to brag about! 

What Is Your All Time Memory as a Hammers Fan: Although I wasn't around at the time, I really enjoy the fact that the West Ham captain raised the World Cup trophy and the West Ham striker scored a World Cup final hat trick!