Harry's Satisfaction

Harry Redknapp says he can hold his head high when he looks back on his time at West Ham - and is glad his reign ended amicably.

"I will certainly come back to games," he says, "and have a cup of tea with the chairman.

"I wish the supporters, the board, and everyone else the very best of success, and I mean that sincerely, even though I am disappointed about Frank leaving."

He is satisfies with what he achieved at the Hammers - and reveals that view is shared by sir Alex Ferguson.

"I spoke to Alex before it all happened and he said what a fantastic job I had done, and I think everyone in football knows what a good job I did.

"I would've gone on to be the longest serving manager in the Premiership when he leaves, but that is no big deal now."

He does say, however, that it is unlikely he will ever patch things up with Billy Bonds, who is still a regular visitor to the ground in his guise as a Capital Gold summariser.

Should Harry ever do radio work at West Ham, it is unlikely the two would be able to avoid bumping into each other, even in the spacious new press box being built into the west stand.

"That is a different story," he says, "but I did nothing wrong. I still think the world of Billy; he was a good manager and a fantastic player in the Stuart Pearce mould.

"But it is all water under the bridge and I don't want to talk about it."

He hopes West Ham go on to be regulars in Europe, but adds: "The top five sides pick themselves although we did finish fifth one year.

"George Burley did a great job but no one is going to do that every year. And he did spend £10m, with £4.5m on Hreidarsson, and £3m on Stewart.

"You won't finish in the top six or seven unless you spend big money, and if you can't afford that, fine, you go for mid table.

"I knew when we sold Rio we were sending out bad vibes to the supporters and everyone, but I can also understand taking the money.

"Manchester United or Arsenal wouldn't have sold him, and it was a shame to see him go.

"He is the most fantastic player and will go on to be the best defender in Europe."