Glenn On Gossip

Glenn Roeder has not unequivocally ruled himself out of the West Ham manager's job - but insists his main priority is staying at the club in whatever capacity.

"We're all waiting to see how it is going to develop," he says. "Targets have been made, such as Steve McClaren and Alan Curbishley, but it seems there has been some difficulty getting them in.

"Obviously Steve McClaren has decided to take himself to Middlesbrough and I would think the problem with Alan is that he is under contract at Charlton.

"We couldn't make an approach unless it was via Charlton themselves as we need their permission first and all you hear Charlton say is that it is very unlikely that they would give West Ham permission in any case. That makes the situation of getting Alan across here very difficult.

"Thereafter it is being said that Alex McLeish is a contender but at what stage we are at if we are at any stage at all with him I don't really know."

Glenn says that the fans must be patient, adding: "As I have said recently the sooner the appointment is made the better but if it means waiting to get the right person, maybe if we wait a little bit longer that would be the wise thing to do.

"I'm sure the chairman and Paul Aldridge are pursuing every avenue in their search and quest to make sure we get the right man to ensure we have a good season next year."

Clarifying his own position, he says: "It would be an absolute honour to be considered: I said from the very beginning that I was under the impression the club were looking for a person that had a big managerial CV.

"But in saying that - and people have got to understand that when you are a coach and you want to remain in work you have to be guarded in how you deal with the question, because you don't want to be seen to be pushing hard for the job in case you are not given the opportunity and the new manager comes in and sees you as a threat and obviously you are one of the first people to be released - as far as I am concerned I've loved the two years at the club.

"I'm an east London boy, West Ham has always been close to me, I have family who are season ticket holders at the club, and I want to remain in employment at West Ham.

"So when I was saying early days about the sort of manager I was looking for I'm sure I was right - but I was also being careful to mind my own back, which makes sense."

As a respected coach, Glenn has the right credentials, not to mention an awareness of the other aspects of the job from his time as boss of Gillingham and Watford. Reports that Spurs have tried to get Glenn to join them are erroneous, and in fact Glenn Hoddle and his assistant John Gorman are currently on holiday.

But Glenn is passionate about his beliefs that preparation is vital, and says: "I'm a big believer that coaching is vital to any football club and any individual player: I don't subscribe to the fact that just because a player is an international that he doesn't need to be coached anymore.

"If that was true, why for instance other sports, say golf, does Tiger Woods still employ a golf coach? If he still feels he still needs a golf coach I'm sure any Premier League player should also feel he need coaching on a daily basis.

"Coaching is a vital ingredient to any club that is successful on top of having quality players. "No matter how good the coach is, if the player is of average ability it won't turn him into a star.

"But if you have the material to work with in the first place, I think you can make that player better with organised practices and coaching sessions during the week."