Glenn's Mixed Feelings

Glenn Roeder says he has mixed feelings about the 3-0 win at Stevenage Borough on Monday night.

The first half saw a 4-4-2 formation help the Hammers to a 3-0 lead, but no more goals were forthcoming in the second half, and Glenn says: "I thought we played well in the attacking sense in the first half; we bounced the ball around well and made Stevenage work hard," he reflects.

"The second half was disappointing when we changed the formation of the team to have a look at the three central defenders - it didn't work very well at all.

"The only thing about the second half was that it was another 45 minutes under the boys' belt, and hopefully that goes a long way to them regaining full fitness for August 18th."

As far as bringing in new blood to the squad is concerned, Glenn says: "We keep working hard in the transfer market and hopefully we will get a few breakthroughs.

"There is nothing to report at the moment but I'm hoping we are closing in on something during the next seven or eight days.

"I know I have been saying that in the last couple of weeks, but it is not easy with the middle men who always seem to be holding things up.

"They don't want to seem to push things through quickly and it just makes bringing players to the club that much more difficult.

"There is only one pot to spend from, and that is why I am being as careful as I can, and I will keep chipping away at it until I can get the players I feel can help us."