Glenn Battles On

Glenn Roeder says he is unconcerned by a newspaper report that claims his position at the club will be reviewed at Christmas - and insists he will not be deflected away from his main aim of bringing in quality personnel to the club.

"I didn't see the story, so what you don't see can't affect you," he says.

"To be quite honest, with the treatment I have had already from certain parts of the media, I can't be concerned about it.

"If I worried about it I wouldn't be able to get on with the job in hand, which is tough enough at the moment as far as signing players is concerned."

Some observers have noted that Southampton did not receive the adverse comment that West Ham did for appointing a manager internally, and Glenn adds:

"I suppose it is because of the profile of being a manager of a London club; I don't see the Stuart Grays of this world getting too much publicity but perhaps managing Southampton is not the same profile." 

While not wishing to comment on individual targets, amidst an avalanche of speculation about who he wants to sign, Glenn does reveal: 

 "I saw PSG play at the weekend, and it must have been 80 or 85 degrees in the stadium, so the game was not played at a good tempo.

"But it was the opportunity to see a couple of players anyway.

"Names have been thrown about left, right, and centre in the last few weeks, and we are doing what we can to bring players in.

"But it is proving to be the most difficult part of the job so far in this close season period.

"There are a lot of managers with money to spend, and they are having the same problem as I am in spending it on players they believe will make their teams better.

"There are quite a lot of players out there that are quite ordinary, to be truthful, for the level we are playing at.

"It's a question of trying to unearth two or three that will help us this year."

Meanwhile, training in the sweltering heat has brought its own challenge, and Glenn adds:

"These last four or five days have taken their toll, and it limits the amount of training you can do because with the weather like this it is so much more draining.

"The boys are getting plenty of fluids into them, though, and they are still working hard - and looking forward to the game tonight.

"It is another game to help us with our match fitness, play together, and work on what we have been talking about in training."

Of the injuries ahead of the Stevenage game, he says:

"Joe is touch and go, while Todorov still has six stitches in his leg wound, but they are very close to coming out.

"Whether he makes tonight or not I don't know, though."