Goddard Happy

First Team coach Paul Goddard says he he feels optimistic about the new campaign after the first full week of pre-season training.

"It's been a very good week," he insists, "and great to be amongst the players, getting the spirit going for the new season.

"There were a lot of familiar faces when I returned, so I felt at home straight away.

"I'm really enjoying things and just getting to know the younger kids at the club."

He is particularly pleased with two senior players who have not let this week's publicity affect them and adds: "Trevor Sinclair is looking fit and strong since coming back and Paolo has trained very well upon his return.

"There a lot of exciting things to get a grip of and there is a good atmosphere amongst the lads.

"We have a new fitness coach in and the lads appreciate that, and are taking notice of what he is saying.

"The sessions have been designed to slowly build us up and we are getting there.

"The injuries that we have are long term ones, apart from Ian Pearce who has a little problem with his knee but hopefully it is not too serious."

Explaining his role, he adds: "As first team coach I discuss the training day with Glenn and some days I will take training depending on how Glenn sees it that day.

"There are some great young players at West Ham and it is good to be working with players of that quality.

"When you become a coach you have to know all aspects of the game because the players want to see that knowledge.

"I enjoy attacking play, obviously, but likewise defending is very important as well and we spent yesterday working on defending."

And will his style be similarly laid back to his predecessor Frank Lampard?

"I do stay pretty calm but I'm sure there will be times when things need to be said: you react to the circumstances.

"I'm sure I've seen Frank rant and rave a few times - I defy anyone to sit there nice and quiet.

"Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson seem to manage it but that is because their team is usually winning comfortably!

"But there is no point ranting and raving if you are not shouting out things that are useful to the players.

"You have to give tactical advice and I'm sure that will be needed at times."