Glenn Rubbishes Rumours

Glenn Roeder has responded to a story claiming Newcastle United are set to sign Trevor Sinclair - and says he wanted to keep news of their bid for him a private matter between the two clubs.

"It is very annoying," he says, "and I can only state again that Trevor Sinclair - nor any of our players - are going anywhere.

"As I said when I was appointed, we have done our selling and unless I particularly want to sell a player no one is leaving  - and Trevor is not a player I am interested in selling at any price.

"I'm very disappointed that it has come out in the manner that it has, and you never know how these stories slip out.

"But you have to ask the question about the club concerned, and maybe they felt it was in their interest to let something like this slip.

"If Newcastle have, I'm really disappointed with the club, especially as it is a club I have a lot of affinity for, having played up there for six years.

"What is particularly annoying is that on Tuesday morning I put in a call to Bobby Robson and spoke to him on another football matter that didn't concern players at either club - I was seeking some advice off him - and at the end of the conversation Bobby's actual words were 'I see that we were linked with Trevor Sinclair over the weekend; is Trevor available?'

"I categorically said 'he is not available, Bobby, he is a player that we want at the club and an integral part of our team, and he is definitely not for sale'.

"I assume he accepted what I said.

"It was particularly disappointing to receive an offer for Trevor at lunchtime on Tuesday, and when we replied back to them and said he is not available at any price, we stated in the fax back to them we would appreciate if this doesn't become public.

"That is because it is very unsettling not only for Trevor but our supporters, who I want to reassure that Trevor Sinclair is not going to Newcastle or anywhere else.

"I had a good chat with Trevor yesterday, and he is still very ambitious.

"He said all the things I wanted to hear, and he wants to get himself into the England squad because he was in it last year before he got the injury that kept him out for 20 games.

"We have got three players that are in the England squad and I'd like to think Trevor can become the fourth one.

"It would be a tremendous boost for West Ham United to have four players in the current England squad."

Highlighting the kind of problems he has faced with speculation in the tabloids about his players recently, Glenn says: "When this kind of story breaks, that Trevor Sinclair is in Newcastle and there is a press conference later today, our supporters reading that would be devastated.

"If Newcastle have leaked this I am particularly disappointed with them but I assume no one up there will admit to leaking it and will blame anyone but themselves.

"It's not just us that have had these problems; Arsene Wenger has had the problems with Patrick Vieira and Manchester United.

"And, to an extent, I suppose Newcastle United have had them with other clubs as far as Keiron Dyer is concerned.

"I will do the decent thing and try to contact Bobby Robson myself today just to put the record straight and see how he sees things."

Glenn is concerned about bids for players becoming public and adds: "The majority of agents out there make their living by linking one of their players to one club to try and get interest from other clubs.

"There is a minority of football agents who are good people and keep things to themselves and matters remain discreet, but unfortunately the game is being driven by agents and it is making things that much more difficult.

"It is very unsettling for our supporters and everybody but Trevor is not available - and none of the players in our squad are unless I particularly wanted to move someone on.

"At this particular time there isn't anyone I want to move on because our squad is too small as it is anyway.

"We probably have one of the smallest squads in the Premiership anyway and I'm working hard to add at least three players to that squad by August 18th."

And he laughs off the notion in the report that a move to the Toon Army would enhance Trevor's England chances.

"I can't see that having any credence," he responds. "We already have three players in the England squad in David James, Michael Carrick, and Joe Cole, and I'd like to think that Trevor Sinclair will become our fourth during this season.

"As far as I'm concerned that is that story blown away."

Glenn says he would prefer to do business manager to manager, keeping things discreet, but admits: "That's how it used to happen but I'm aware already that even managers don't speak to each other any more apart from a small group.

"Generally speaking everything is driven through agents - they are there and we've got to put up with them, but lots of the time they are a nuisance.

"I will ask Bobby his side of the story and why he feels the story has broken in the manner that it has.

"But to say they are calling a press conference later on announcing Trevor is signing for Newcastle is absolutely crazy.

"Trevor is in for training this morning and that's all there is to it."