Trevor On Controversy

Trevor Sinclair says there was definite contact from Matt Elliott before the Leicester defender was sent off on Saturday for clashing with him.

Explaining the aftermath of the penalty award when Joe Cole was brought down by Elliott, he says:

"I just saw someone lean over Joe, kicking him, and felt that was out of order so it was a bit of protection for the young lad; he is only young and no one deserves that kind of treatment, but it's no big deal.

"Elliott has not intentionally tried to hurt me but he has put his head forward a little bit and it's not allowed in the game, which is why he was sent off.

"I presumed he would go if the referee had seen the incident as it was; I have to hold my hand up and say I could've stayed away and left him alone after what had gone on, but I just felt I should mention to him that he was out of order, he reacted, and that's what happened."

But Trevor insists his team mate did not play for the penalty and adds:

"It wasn't a dive; a few of their lads have accepted it was a penalty and obviously there were some bits and pieces which went on afterwards and led to the big man getting sent off.

"But that's football and sometimes you lose your temper - and Paolo took an excellent penalty.

"We were kicking ourselves that we didn't make the extra man count but they made it very difficult and put three men up front, getting the ball up there to them early, and we had to keep our shape; but they still caused us problems."

Trevor admits he was not satisfied with his contribution at Filbert Street, adding:

"After that game I wasn't pleased with the performance so I have to get back to the training ground, work hard, and make sure my next game is a good one.

"I am happy enough on the left and I'm training there now so I'm getting used to different scenarios on the pitch; I have to adapt to this position and make it my own.

"First and foremost I want to do a job for the team; we have got a better shape playing 4-4-2; Don doesn't feel as comfortable as I do on the left so I will play there.

"Let's hope we can continue our unbeaten run; the lads are looking a lot more solid than we have done in the past, but last time I said that we got stuffed!

"We are going to work hard to get up that table and make sure team spirit stays high; it's not far to the middle of the table, just a couple of results and we are there."

Trevor refuses to blame the surface for the display at the weekend and adds:

"The pitch was good although I don't think we played as well as we have in the last three games; but they are battling for every point and every ball so it was a difficult game as we always knew it would be."

Of the Leicester goal, he explains:

"Izzie struck it well, Jamo was a bit unsighted, and we are a bit disappointed we didn't deal with it earlier.

"Once he struck it, it could have gone anywhere, so you could say it was unfortunate for us.

"I think we are showing good organisation and team spirit, and we are on a little run now though we need to put in a little bit of effort in to turn the draws to wins."

Meanwhile, Trevor says that the coverage of the players' Christmas party has been somewhat exaggerated - and wants to put it in perspective.

"The lads are under the microscope now whatever we do and we have all got to be very wary of what we do; we have to look after ourselves," he admits.

"But if you looked at the whole night we were out for ten hours; we trained early together and went out for a meal and this that and the other.

"For one incident to happen like that and be blown out of proportion; I don't know who was ill but someone might have had a bit of dodgy food.

"People say we can't be acting like that but it is one isolated case, the lad is not proud of what he has done but he has made a mistake and held his hand up, and it is easier to make that mistake when you have had a couple of beers.

"The gaffer has dealt with it, the player will be cautious next time, and no one has got hurt - though the plant might be struggling to live!"

Back to the football, with Derby on Boxing day.

Trevor says:

"We are looking forward to it; we have had a few games unbeaten now and let's hope we can continue that against Derby."